Champion Lubricants Piston on fire


​As engines downsize and power output steadily increases, lubricants need to withstand more strain, shear and extreme pressure. To provide a long-term solution to this growing challenge, Champion has developed a new technology platform that shields engine parts from the effects of these increasingly harsh factors.

Our Adaptive Shield Technology helps break new ground in engine performance. The technology is a combination of additive chemistries that shield engine parts from internal and external factors. By combining different layers of additive chemistries, the technology creates a robust shield against the extreme pressures, temperatures and shear forces affecting a broad range of engines. This particular technology is ‘adaptive’ because it readjusts the properties of the shield depending on the conditions affecting the engine.


Never Crack Under Stress

Champion lubricants are formulated to protect the core structure of the oil and create more robust oil film strength. Adaptive Shield Technology is a combination of additive chemistries that prolong the life of our lubricants so that they can do their job more effectively for longer, even in extreme working conditions. As a result, engines can perform to their full potential with increased worry-free mileage.

Extreme road



You want to able to perform without any boundaries, which is exactly what we help you to do. Built to go the extra mile, our extensive range of ground-breaking products allows you to have the right solution for each car you service. 

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